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10/17/05 06:20 pm - Monday

Hey everybody, how's it going? I just finished all my homework. I got so much! It was insane, but it's over and done now and that makes me happy. Unfortunately, I have detention for the next week or so because I yelled at a kid for littering. Okay, the garbage can was right next to him, and if he was too lazy to put his garbage in the garbage, then he would have to hear from me. Anybody else feel like causing some trouble so I'm not lonely?

Manny's having a pretty rough time at school. I feel horrible for her, poor girl gets herself into bad situations. I let her know that I'll stand by her no matter what, and that she's like a sister to me. She really is. Sure, our friendship has gone through rough spots, but what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, right? Toby suggested we have an old school night at his party, and just forget about everything that happened to us during highschool and go back to the junior high days. I really like that idea, it should be fun.

I bought a bunch of new clothes on the weekend, my mom came shopping with me and Manny, saying it was her treat! Nice! It was a lot of fun. I hope Jay thinks I look good in them Not that I'm trying to impress anybody or anything, but it's just fun to have new clothes.

I just found out about Spin's mom. Wow. It's not even my place to say anything, but seriously Spinner, I've semi-been where you are. If you ever need to talk or just need a place to have dinner, let me know okay?

That's all for today folks. I hope nobody's brain exploded.

10/13/05 08:45 pm - Like clothes in a laundry cycle...

...so are the days of our lives. Sorry. I wanted to make an update but so far nothing of substance of interest has happened this week. There's a rumor going around about Manny but I'm not involved, just trying to be a good friend. I know what it's like to be the butt of a joke and it's not fun. She doesn't deserve that. Anyway, how was everybody's day? Mine was alright. Went to school, came home, did homework. Is that thrilling or is that thrilling? Toby asked if I wanted to go to his house to hang out tonight, I said no. I had way to much homework and I don't want to be hanging around these people forever. What's wrong with me? Ever since my thing with Jay I've been bored. I want more, and I really didn't have time to just hang out. Maybe tomorrow.

I'll end this entry before the excitement makes all your heads explode. I'll talk to you guys later.

10/10/05 09:33 am - Holiday!

Happy ThanksGiving everybody! How was everybody's Sunday night? Mine was a lot of fun. My mom decided to be a hostess and invite tons of people over for supper. We had her family, my dad's family, Craig and Joey, Manny and her parents and some of my parents other friends. It was a packed house, but I had a lot of fun. I know I posted about getting bored with everything my last LJ, but maybe I'm just moody, I'm feeling a lot better now. My mom let me try wine, which was shocking. It tasted horrible. I guess it's an acquired taste or something.

Anyway, we have today off school so I think I'm going to enjoy it by taking a walk in the park. I haven't done that in a while, and it's going to start snowing soon, so I should enjoy the pretty nature while I can. Toby asked if I wanted to hang but I could really care less, so I might if there's nothing else to do.

Have a good day everybody!

10/8/05 07:56 am

((OOC: I'm so sorry I haven't updated! My computer was hit with this virus and I had to get a new one. Won't happen again!))

Happy Saturday everybody. How was everybody's Friday? Mine wasn't so bad. I went to the movies with Toby, JT and Liberty. We saw Flight Plan, it was suspensful. When I came back I watched a Pauly Shore movie with my mom and dad, I'm not sure which it is.

How's everybody finding the school year? 11th grade isn't as hard as I thought it would be, but then again it's only the beginning right? I'm a little bored with school right now, but as soon as I complain about being bored the drama happens, so maybe I should keep my mouth shut, heh. Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

And lather, rinse, repeat. I'm 16! Are all my weekends going to be spent at the movies with Toby? God, I hope not. At least Liberty and JT were having a good time. I'm getting frustrated. I need something more...

Alright, well I'm off to go to the CN tower with my dad. He says he's actually never been and that's pretty sad being that he's lived in Toronto his entire life! I hate heights, though. Wish me luck.


9/25/05 06:15 pm - Already?

The weekend went by so fast! That's insane. It feels like just yesterday I was sleeping in, glad that it was finally Saturday. Well - it was yesterday, but you get my drift. So how was everybody's weekend? Mine was great. Friday night I went over to the Jeremiah's house for supper with my mom, dad and Jack. I hung out with Craig who I haven't seen in forever but we really didn't have that much to say to eachother and it was sort of awkward. My parents are desperate to turn this dinner into a weekly thing though so who knows, maybe Craig and I will rekindle our old littl friendship.

I had a great time Saturday. My dad brought me Dairy Queen for breakfast and then we went for a jog together afterwards. It's just a thing we started this summer, ever since my, uh, escapades of last year, my dad felt that he didn't know me nearly as well enough as he had to, so he decided that every Saturday morning we should have breakfast just the two of us and then do some sort of activity together. It sounds dorky but it's a lot of fun. I really, really enjoy finally having a father figure in my life. I look back on a life without Snake and while it was fun just me and my mom, he's brought a lot to the family.

Today I woke up with a bad stomach ache, so I just stayed in and did homework. Thinking of giving Manny a call.....we'll see.

Alright, talk to you later everybody!

9/20/05 09:29 pm - New year...

Wow.  A new year is here.  It feels like just yesterday Manny and I were sitting in my room, giggling, trying on hats and preparing for junior high.  It's scary how time flies when you're having fun.  Well, scratch the last part, this last year hasn't been exactly...fun.  Oh sure, there were the fun moments Jay but they didn't really make up for all the not-so fun moments Jay like the shooting. God, that shooting.

My dad found my actual journal and told me how blogging is the thing to do these days.  I guess that's what you get when you have a dad that's a computer teacher.  I figured I'd give this a try, because I've done so much writing over the summer that I need a new book and my hand was starting to cramp.  Besides, Manny has one of these so I figured hey, what the hell.

Did the summer go by fast for everybody else or was that just me?  I had an amazing summer.  My mom signed me up for this girl's group thing, to help me deal with everything that happened last year.  At first I really sketchy about it but I ended up making some great friends and finding a new love for shopping.  Boy, do I love shopping.  I wish I were shopping right now. 

And now school is here.  Only two more years to go!  I almost had an anxiety attack on labour day because I was so scared.  I have a reputation now.  I was so sure that everybody would look down on me and laugh at me for some of the events that took place towards the end of last year, thankfully nobody seemed to notice.  With the exception of my ex Chris Sharpe, I don't think anybody cared.  You were right, Manny, people do just get over it eventually.  As petrified as I was, though, I have to admit that Degrassi has a nice homey feeling to it.  It was comforting to be back, cool to hang out with my friends not worrying about anybody special.  Jay But this year I don't want anybody special.  I want to focus on me.  What makes me happy.  It'll be good to be selfish for once. Besides, I didn't see Jay, and if Jay isn't around then there's nobody to impress.

Well, I guess that's all for now.  See everybody tomorrow?

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